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THRIVE don't just survive

no matter what your cancer throws at you


Overcome the fear, overwhelm and massive impact cancer's had on your life, and build unshakable hope, faith and trust.

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THRIVE don't just survive

no matter what your cancer throws at you


Overcome the fear, overwhelm and massive impact cancer's had on your life, and build unshakable hope, faith and trust.

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The 2021

Trusting God Through Cancer Summit

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You might be thinking... "That's JUST WHAT I NEED!" 

But ... "What EXACTLY Will I Get Out Of This Online Event?

So here's a taste of what you'll get at the 2021 Trusting God Through Cancer Summit
  • An inside view of the cancer journeys and lesons learned from 8 amazing Christian Leaders who've been there.
  • Practical tools to exchange doubt and fear for unshakable peace and trust and  in God.
  • Encouragement, hope and even joy in your grief and loss.
  • 5 simple steps to trusting God even when you don't feel like it.
  • How to replace the soul-destroying myths of suffering with the hope-building truths of God.
  • Permission to laugh when all you want to do is cry, scream or dive headfirst into a gallon of ice cream.
  • The confidence your pain isn't wasted.
  • How and what to pray when you're lost for words and/or angry at God.
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International Speakers

Including ...

  • Stacy Henagan
  • Wendy Speak
  • Georgia Shaffer
  • Rev. Percy McCray
  • Dr Saundra Dalton-Smith
  • Deric Milligan
  • Pastor Al Hardy

along with your host, Niki Hardy.

The Comfort of Home

No need to get out of your PJ's!!

Watch on your computer, phone or tablet. With no flight or hotel to book you save thousands of $$$ and avoid the current health risks of travel.

Teachings are released daily to watch at your own pace.

Life Time Access 

All the speakers shared their stories, hard won lessons and resources for EVER.

They know the fear and overwhelm first hand and don’t want you to live in the same doubt and heartache as they did. 

All the teachings and resources are yours for ever.


Stacy Henagan

Speaker, Pastor

When God Doesn’t Do What You Thought He’d Do

Georgia Shaffer

Coach, Author, Speaker

How to Live with Passion and Purpose Despite Your Pain


Rev. Percy McCray

National Director of Faith based programs at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

A Renewed Mind to Confront Cancers Reputation

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Physician, Author, Speaker

Finding Sacred Rest During Your Cancer Journey

Deric Milligan

Co-Founder and CEO of Inheritance of Hope

Facing Illness as a Family

Dr. Michelle L. Bengtson

Clinical Neuropsychologist, Author, and Speaker

Don't Let Cancer Steal Your Joy!

Wendy Speake

Author and host of the 40 Day Sugar Fast

Fasting from Sugar and Praying for Healing

Pastor Al Hardy

Pastor, Speaker

Trusting God When Cancer's Life Threatening

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The Trusting God Through Cancer Summit Handbook

With the full, daily line up speakers, space to take notes, and write your prayers, this is your go-to summit handbook.

The Thriver Manifesto

Use this beautiful, printable, Thriver Manifesto to remind yourself everyday that you're a Thriver, not just a survivor.

5 Simple Steps to Trust God when You Don't Feel Like It

This clear, actionable step by step process will walk you through how to trust God, even on your hardest days.

Life Doesn't Have To Be Pain Free To Be Full Printable And Promises

A beautiful hand written notecard complete with biblical promises for hard times.

Hi, I'm Niki,

Having lost both my mum and sister to cancer I was then diagnosed.

Believing my faith and stiff upper lip would be enough, I was determined to survive. But eventually surviving was all I was doing.

I questioned God, struggled with fear and worry and wasn't sure I could trust Him.

Eventually I learned that life doesn't have to be pain free to be full and with God it's possible to thrive, not just survive, no matter what.

Now I want to help you do the same, right in the midst of your cancer.


Niki is the host of the podcast Chemo Chair Prayers and the author of Breathe Again, How to Live well When Live Falls Apart

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"Thank you so much for this very timely summit. I am 65 and survived triple negative breast cancer in 2016, now it has returned and it is metastatic... these videos/speakers have touched my heart and given me such strength to face tomorrow...I can’t thank you enough! "

Fall 2020 Summit Attendee

"I am so grateful for this summit. After receiving my terminal diagnosis I had got to a point where I felt like I was just surviving. Until now I've only found non-Christian webinars on living with cancer. Imagine my excitement and relief when I came across this summit. Thank you so much Niki"


"So many wonderful tips to share with my daughter who has lymphoma. Thank You! May God continue to grow much fruit through your valuable ministry."



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Learn how to conquer fear, build unshakeable faith, and find hope, strength, peace, confidence, and even joy, no matter what with the 2021 Trusting God Through Cancer Summit Replay

We'll dive into topics like fighting fear and anxiety, dealing with doubts, praying for ourselves and others, rebuilding trust, embracing our emotions, living in the unknown, and uncovering joy and laughter in the midst of our pain.

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